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January 6, 2012

Pitbulls are wonderful dogs & great family pets!


Only one of the pictures below features the real American PitBull Terrier. Take the test to see if you can find it. To find the breed of a dog, click on image. Note there are no mixes or rescue dogs of unknown background who's breed could be debated. All dogs have been picked from breeders' websites
and should be good representatives of their breed.

When you are done, ask your family and friends to take to test and watch the results. For many people, a Pit Bull is a a big headed dog, or a dog with cropped ears. For some it's a brindle dog,
a big, stocky dog, or one with an eye patch.

Often dogs that attack are identified as pit bulls when they are not. There are 20+ breeds that are
commonly incorrectly identified as pit bulls.

For more information on the Pitbull go to the link below:

To take the "Find The Pitbull Quiz" go to the link below:
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