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January 6, 2012

Veterans Rebuild Their Lives with Service Dogs!

Service dogs can add assistance and joy to a veteran's life!

As you're aware, veterans in America still do not receive the treatment and care they deserve. Veterans have laid down their lives to protect our country, and we have a moral right to provide for them after they return from service.

Service dogs are just one way we can give back to our veterans. Those who served in the armed services, and especially during wartime, can experience many emotions and difficult circumstances when they arrive back home. At times it can be hard to return to normal life, performing regular daily activities, connecting with others, or managing the stress of what they've been through. These difficulties are compounded when a soldier has been injured or is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Service dogs can add assistance and joy to a veteran's life, without adding the extra burden of payment for services. In addition, helping train a service dog can enhance a veteran's experience back at home and help him or her manage PTSD.

Shelter dogs in particular should not be overlooked when considering a dog for service training. Shelter dogs are in more dire need of rescue than breeder or pet store dogs, and can provide just the same quality of service.

I am writing to ask that you continue to advocate for our veterans by crafting legislation that would create a program that would allow them to help train all types of healthy dogs, including those from shelters. In doing so, we may be able to save the lives of more veterans and dogs in need.

Please go to The Veteran's Site and sign this petition! Simply click on the link below: Thank You!

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