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March 20, 2012

Please Help Gina Buonfiglio's Cancer Fund Today!

Gina has Endometrial Carcinoma a rare Cancer with no cure.

Gina's cancer fund will aid in the medical expenses that are not covered. Please show your support and help her fight her battle!

Here are some words from Gina...

I believe: Everything happens for a reason, without clarity, but for a purpose yet unseen! 

About Me: Cancer survivior, lived many lifetimes and now settling down into the one I have been searching for! Fought for domestic violence laws to be changed as well as the spreading education on Endometriosis. At age 36 I had a hysterectomy, which changed my life forever. I have a fantastic fiance with a 8 yr old daughter whom stole my heart. I am so loved I only want for the people who love me to know just how special they are to me.

Gina's battle today: What began as Endometriosis that had been undiagnosed for so long causing it to turn into Cancer. At age 39 and single, she was given five years to live and that was nearly six years ago. Gina is struggling, she is on social security and can not work as a medical massage therapist any longer, only making $700.00 a month. 

Her medication runs over a $1,000.00 a month, insurance will not cover many of them as well as not covering her doctor's appointments, and Medicaid is not an option. She is forced to go with out food or be late on basic bills every month. Gina is always helping others yet has never asked for help herself. Her Cancer is also know as Uterine Cancer. She has never married and doesn't have children of her own. She lives in the mountains and has to depend on medical transportation and neighbors to help drive her to her appointments. The American Cancer Society volunteers can help but they are limited due to the fact that she lives in a rural area. She needs help paying for medications so she can have money to eat and pay her bills without the stress of not having anything else. There are two great doctors in NYC that she would like to see and they are highly recommended by the Foundation of American Cancer Society, and wants to raise the money to seek the care she needs to have a functional life. Gina is a proud person who will not ask for help. She spends her time trying to form a foundation to help find a cure, while managing a support group where her free time is spent helping others cope with Endometriosis and those who are caregivers. She hopes to form a non profit organization to find a cure for future girls so they will never suffer the way she does today. Her wish is to spread the word and have her voice heard to educate other on the fact that this disease can be deadly despite what doctors say. She is proof that Endometriosis can turn into Cancer, not only that but it is linked to several other Cancers as well as Lupus. She fights for her life in pain all the time and can not afford to get medications that will ease her pain and nausea which is why we are trying to raise a few thousand dollars and help relieve the stress of everyday life and be able to cope with Cancer. Gina is strong and can beat this with the help and support of others. She is in need of help with the funding of her treatments, doctor's appointments, medications and transportation. Gina has been advocating for this cause and related ones for years and has helped so many by raising awareness, please give back to her and donate toward her Cancer Fund.
For more information and ways you can donate please see Gina's fund page at: 

To get to know Gina and the causes as well as support groups she advocates for please visit her at:
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